Saturday, May 24, 2008

New translation from new tutorial writer to my site

An Italian tutorial writer, Futura, asked me to translate her tutorials into English and they are beautiful! I've just done my first one for her, a Father's Day one called Festa del PapĂ .
Here's a small example:

I've included extra words with the tutorial so you can make it without a date on it, to use in other years. I've also included the font I used in case you want to make your own words for it. If you head to her site to see her tutorials, they are password protected, so you'll have to write her for the password. Or you can wait and see them here. LOL
I have a few stationery and wallpaper to make, I've done the headers, just have to get around to making the rest of the parts, such as backgrounds, etc. and get them assembled and uploaded. I hope to have that done soon.
Hubby wanted to go camping this weekend, sprung it on me as a surprise, and I was glad he changed his mind as it's still a bit chilly and we aren't really prepared yet. We are heading to the Toronto Zoo tomorrow, my health has improved enough with all of the weight loss (68 pounds so far) that I can do all the walking (it's huge)! Woohoo!!
I still can't eat many solid foods and I see another surgeon on June 5th to see what the problem is, as my original surgeon was extremely rude and unpleasant about helping me out. Apparently, the only thing he wants to hear from me is that I'm fine. Anything else is either ignored or criticized (after 6 months of no solid foods, apparently I'm being "too impatient", even though I was supposed to be able to eat solids after one month. Does that make sense? No, not to me either LOL).
Enough about me, at least I'm a lot healthier and continuing to improve in health all the time. Thanks to Atkins Protein shakes and bars (a little plug for my favorites). Have a great weekend everyone!


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Sonel said...

Love you blog sweetie! Just as gorgeous as your website..:-) Thanks for all your hard work and your lovely shares..:-)
Love & Hugs